How I got here

Life completely fell apart for me some years back. It got very very dark, but somehow I survived and here I am. I’ve fallen back in love with life and I want to share my new adventures with like minded people – and hopefully hear from you too.

I’m off on a mid-life journey to who knows where. I want my life to be bold, brave and adventurous. I’m not dodging the bad stuff, and want to talk about it all on my blog. But I want to find the joy and the spirit in everything too.

I want to chat about love, friendship, cookery, flamenco, fabulous road trips, hopes and dreams. I want life to be full colour. But I also want to talk about how to live well with death in view, menopause, life limiting emotional and physical illnesses that sometimes we can’t get away from , dreams not achieved, careers stalling/changing/ending … all of it.

But most of all I want my journey to be powered by the knowledge that we all have a choice, wherever we find ourselves in life. And I want to laugh a lot – and maybe cry a little – too.

I so hope you will be part of my journey and looking forward to meeting old friends and new friends alike

4 thoughts on “How I got here”

  1. I would love to be part of this… you definitely are an inspiration to me. I’ve seen dark times I beat breast cancer in 2005 , my mum had it 2004 but unfortunately it came back in 2012 in her bones and I lost her in December 2016. I went through a divorce in 2014, got really down and yes depressed. I started having regular reiki treatments and it helped in pulling me out of my dark hole.
    I have one daughter who is now 23 !!! I have a partner. I’m going through the lovely menopause… I’m also going to be learning how to perform reiki myself I cannot wait … anyway that was a bit (alot) about me .


    1. Dearest Michelle, I didn’t know about your dear Mum. How very painful for you. I am so delighted that breast cancer is behind you. I have so many friends who’ve had a similar experience. The other stuff so resonates with me and I’m really interested that you found reiki helpful. I’m going to add that to my list of articles I’m going to get experts to write for me. Thank you so much for joining here and for your lovely comments xx


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